General sales terms and conditions

Version Arabe (الشروط العامة للبيع)

Epicerie Verte offers through its website www.EpicerieVerte.ma a market place where buyers ( hereinafter « buyers » or « you »), once registered, will be able to connect with vendors and producers ( hereinafter «vendors »), in order to purchase different products (hereinafter «products»), offered at fixed prices (hereinafter « Service » or « Services »).
The following General sales conditions regulate the set of transactions established based on the web catalog of Epicerie Verte. Each order placed on the website implies that the client « buyer » accepts unconditionally and irrevocably these conditions. Each access or/and usage of the website www.EpicerieVerte.ma and its subsites require the acceptance and respect of all terms of the GSCs hereof and their unconditional acceptance. Therefore, they represent a contract between EPicerie Verte SARL and the buyers. In case the user wished to refuse all or a part of the present GSCs, he is requested to renounce to any usage of the service.
This is a distance contract that aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the sale of products of the company Epicerie Verte, on the Internet, through its platform www.EpcierieVerte. ma.
The purpose of these terms and conditions is, on one hand, to determine the modalities that govern the way Epicerie Verte offers to buyers a connecting service with the sellers, on the other hand, to guide the relationship between Buyers and Sellers.
The GSCs are composed of three sections
I. General Conditions of website use II. General Conditions of Buyers/ Vendors Sales III. Data Privacy Policy Charter
I. General Conditions of website use
1.1 - Access to the service

The Service is available for free to any User who has internet access. All costs related to access to the Service, whether material costs, software or Internet access are exclusively at the expense of the user. He is the only responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment as well as his internet access.
Some sections of the website are reserved for Members (Buyers or Sellers) after identification using their Username and Password.
Thus, access to the Service is subject to the creation of an account on the Site. Any natural and competent person, aged at least 18 years is able to register on the Site. When creating an account, you agree to provide accurate information only and to inform EpicerieVerte.ma without delay of any change of this information via the email address: contact@epicerieverte.ma.
If false information has been provided during registration or if a change of contact information has not been notified, EpicerieVerte.ma reserves the right to terminate the registration, without prior notice and with immediate effect.
In general, EpicerieVerte.ma reserves the right to refuse access to the Service, unilaterally and without prior notice, to any User who does not comply with these terms of use.
EpicerieVerte.ma, for its part, employs all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the Service but is under no obligation to do so.
EpicerieVerte.ma cannot, moreover, be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or the servers or any other event beyond its reasonable control, which would prevent or degrade access to the Service.
EpicerieVerte.ma reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without notice, access to all or part of the Service, in order to maintain it, or for any other reason, the interruption entitles no obligation or compensation.
1.2 - Price of Service
The account creation and the Service are free (excluding possible costs of the internet, which depend on your electronic communications operators), without any obligation of purchase on the Site. Only the purchase of Products is subject to payment, under the conditions stipulated in the GSCs.
1.3 - Availability of Service
Epicerie Verte will do its best to ensure the availability of Services and smooth transmissions. However, because of the internet’s nature, this can not be guaranteed. In addition, your access to Epicerie Verte Services may occasionally be suspended or limited to allow for repairs, maintenance, or addition of a new feature or service. We will endeavor to limit the frequency and duration of these suspensions or limitations.
1.4 - Protection of personal data
Epicerie Verte undertakes to implement all means necessary for the protection of your data. For more information, please see Section III - Data Privacy Policy.
1.5 - Intellectual property
All texts, comments, works, illustrations, and images reproduced or displayed on the Site are strictly protected under the framework of copyright and intellectual property, for the duration of protection of these rights and for the entire world. As such and in accordance with the regulations, the only usage allowed is private use. Any reproduction, representation, modification or adaptation, in whole or in part, of the Site and/or all or part of the components found on the Site or that are incorporated in it, is strictly prohibited.
The corporate names, trademarks, and distinctive signs reproduced on the Site are protected by trademark law. Reproduction or representation of all or part of any of the aforementioned signs is strictly prohibited and must be subject to prior written authorization from the trademark owner.
Certain Products are subject to personal and specific rights of use regulating copies, public broadcasts, rentals, etc. You must respect the contractual conditions applicable to these Products, Epicerie Verte cannot be held responsible for the use that could be made of these Products in this context.
1.6 - Hypertext links to external sites
EpicerieVerte.ma may contain hypertext links to third-party sites, which are not under the control of the company Epicerie Verte.
Consequently, Epicerie Verte cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the content of the linked sites and does not guarantee that the User will be satisfied with the products and services offered by these third-party sites.
However, if a User informs Epicerie Verte that a link on the Site refers to a page with illegal content, Epicerie Verte will remove the link of this page.

1.7 - Reviews, Blogs & Forums

EpicerieVerte.ma reserves the right to start a forum service and/or a blog accessible from its Website and/or to grant users the opportunity to publish reviews and/or testimonies.
In such a case, Epicerie Verte reserves the right to not publish or to delete any review, testimony or comment which content would be against the law or morals and, in general, illicit.
Any User who has published a review, a testimonial or a comment, accepts that Epicerie Verte can use the content for any purpose (advertising, derivative work, distribution ...) and waive freely any property claim on this content.

1.8 - Responsibility of Epicerie Verte
Epicerie Verte strives to ensure that all information on its Site is correct, however, Epicerie Verte does not guarantee the quality, origin, legality, accuracy or completeness of the data, information, products or services. In no event shall Epicerie Verte be held accountable, on one hand, for direct, indirect, consequential or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use its services, and on the other hand, for the alteration of data transmissions.
1.9- Modification
Epicerie Verte reserves the right to make changes, at any time, to its Website, its procedures, and the terms and conditions, including these General Sales Conditions.
You are subject to the terms and conditions, procedures and General Sales Conditions in effect at the moment you place an order for a product. You will be informed by e-mail about the changes made to these terms of use.
The fact of continuing to use the Site after the modification of the general conditions of use shall be considered as the acceptance thereof.

1.10- Applicable Law and Processing of Claims for the Service
These GSCs are subject to the Moroccan law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or implementation falls within the jurisdiction of Morocco.
1.11 - Customer Service
For any information or question, EpicerieVerte.ma provides an available customer service:
- For general questions, contact@epicerieverte.ma or +212 (0) 522641690
- For questions related to orders placed on the site, on service-clients@epicerieverte.ma or
+212 (0) 684871426
II - II. General Conditions of Buyers/ Vendors Sales
2.1 - Placing the order
If you want to buy one or more product (s) listed on EpicerieVerte.ma, you must select each product you want and add it to your cart. When you have selected all the products you want to buy, you can confirm the contents of your cart and place the order.
At this point, you will be redirected to a page summarizing the details of the Products you have selected, their price and the delivery options (with the relevant delivery charges). You will need to choose the delivery option and the shipping and payment methods that suits you the best.
Once you have selected the delivery and payment methods, you can place your order.
After placing your order, we send you a confirmation message by email. We will inform you a second time when sending your order.
Please note that we sell products only in quantities corresponding to the usual average needs of a household. This applies to the number of products ordered in a single order as well as the number of individual orders respecting the usual amount of the same product suitable for a normal household.
You agree to obtain invoices for your purchases electronically. Electronic invoices will be available for you in the Customer area of our Site.
If you wish to receive a paper copy of the invoices, please contact the customer service Epicerie Verte at the following address: service-clients@epicerieverte.ma
2.2 - Availability of Products

Product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the Site and within the limits of available stocks.
In the exceptional case where the ordered product would be unavailable after the validation of an Order, the Buyer will be informed as soon as possible by mail or telephone. Epicerie Verte will then offer to exchange the product ordered or cancel the order of the unavailable product.
The exchange or cancellation of an unavailable product does not affect the entire contract between the Buyer and Epicerie Verte, which remains effective with respect to the available products.

2.3 - Price and payment
All prices are displayed in MAD (Moroccan dirhams) all taxes included unless otherwise stated. Epicerie Verte may at any time modify the prices of the products it offers on its Site.
The products are always invoiced on the basis of the prices indicated by Epicerie Verte at the time of the confirmation of the Order.
The prices indicated at the time of the confirmation of the Order then include the delivery costs, which can be different depending on the Sellers.

2.4 - Method of payment
To pay for your order, you choose the payment method among those offered by Epicerie Verte and displayed at the payment page.
In this case, the delivery of the transaction for debiting your account is made within one day of the date of the delivery confirmation.
Your Multi-channel payments are secured by Le Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) which offers a fully secure payment service.
The Buyer guarantees to Epicerie Verte Company that he is fully authorized to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the confirmation of the Order Form.
In case of payment by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment provided for in the agreements concluded between the Buyer and the card issuer between Epicerie Verte Company and its banking establishment apply.

2.5 - Proof of transactions paid by credit card
The data recorded by the CMI on the Multi-channel payment platform on behalf of Epicerie Verte constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and Epicerie Verte company.

2.6 - Delivery
The Buyer is obliged to provide the necessary and precise instructions to Epicerie Verte in order to enable it to ensure the transport and delivery services entrusted to it and in particular, and without limitation, the name of the receiver of the delivered products, the complete address where the delivery must be made, and a telephone number where the receiver of the products is reachable.
Products ordered on EpicerieVerte.ma can be sent directly by Epicerie Verte or sent by the Seller (s). The detail about the senders is indicated in the summary of the order.
Delivery times differ depending on the delivery method, the ordered products and the geographical area indicated by the Buyer during the ordering process.
The Buyer acknowledges that in the case of an Order consisting of products from several Sellers, the Products ordered on the Site may be delivered in a different manner, the delivery times may also be different depending on the Sellers.
Delivery times are indicative and have no contractual value. Deliveries are made to the delivery address indicated by the Buyer during the Order process and are limited to Morocco.
In case it is informed by the carrier that delivery is impossible, because of an error on the address indicated during the order process, Epicerie Verte will endeavor to contact the Buyer so that he indicate as soon as possible a new delivery address. Any additional delivery costs will be, if any, charged to the Buyer who must immediately pay them.
In case of delivery by a carrier requiring a hand delivery to the Buyer, Epicerie Verte cannot be responsible for any delay or impossibility of delivery due to the repeated unavailability of the Buyer.
Any delay in the delivery cannot give a right to the cancellation of the Order or any compensation. However, if the delivery time is exceeded by seven (7) days, the Buyer may terminate the contract of sale online by sending a letter to Epicerie Verte. The contract will then be considered broken.
In the event of loss other damage to the goods, or in the event of unusual delay in delivery, it is the responsibility of the consignee or receiver to proceed with the regular and sufficient findings, to take reservations regarding the carrier and in general, to carry out all the necessary acts for the conservation of the remedies in the legal forms and deadlines, otherwise no appeal can be made against Epicerie Verte.
Losses and claims will be recorded in writing on the delivery note by the consignee (or receiver) upon receipt of the goods. In case of refusal of the goods by the recipient for a serious reason, the goods will be returned at the expense of Epicerie Verte.
In case of absence of reservation within a period of 7 days from the reception of the goods by the Buyer, this one is considered in conformity and no return will be possible.

2.7 - Right to withdrawal & return of Products

The Buyer has a period of 7 days from the receipt of the Product (s) ordered to exercise his right to withdrawal.
Items must be returned intact and complete in their original packaging (including labels with their references), and overall, in packaging identical to that used during shipping for their re-marketing.
Returned items must be accompanied by the delivery note, within 7 days after receipt of the package.
Shipping costs related to the return are at the expense of the Buyer.
However, it should be noted that the right to withdrawal cannot be exercised in particular for:
- The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the Buyer;
- The supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly;
- The supply of goods that have been unsealed by the Buyer after delivery and that cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;
- The supply of goods which, after being delivered and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles.
2.8 – Guarantee of Product conformity :
Products ordered on the Site must be delivered without defects of conformity. Nevertheless, because of the nature of the products available on the Site, which are for the most part craft and food products, the photographs of the products offered for sale on the Site are only indicative and cannot engage the responsibility of Epicerie Verte, especially for lack of conformity.

III - Data Privacy Policy charter

Epicerie Verte undertakes to implement all means necessary for the protection of data concerning you.
The purpose of this charter is to explain the use of the information collected through our Site. We invite you to read this privacy policy carefully. By using our services and our site, you agree to abide by the terms of our privacy policy regarding the collection of your personal information collected by our site.
3.1 - Information Processing
We are committed to using the information provided only for:
- send you information about our products and services;
- Check your identity;
- Conduct market research and improve our site;
- Collect your impressions and comments about our services;
- charge the corresponding amounts for your purchases;
3.2 - Sharing information

The information and data about you are processed by Epicerie Verte to manage your account and your access to the Service. The information required for delivery will be transferred to the Seller for this purpose only.
We will regularly send you information about services that may interest you.
We may transmit your data to a third party in case of sale of all or part of our business or in case of a restructuration and reorganization of the company. Anyway, we will ensure the protection of your data.
With the exception of the cases mentioned above, we will not communicate any data concerning you without your consent except in the case of a legal constraint (in the case for example of a court order or for fraud prevention purposes and other crimes).

3.3 - Information automatically collected from your computer

Logs / IP Addresses: When You visit our Site, our web server automatically registers your IP address. This IP address is in no way related to your personal data. We use IP addresses only to facilitate the management of the Site.
We may also collect non-personal data (non-identifying data), for example, your Internet browser (to adapt the display of pages in particular), which we will use to provide you with a more efficient service.
3.4 - Cookies
When browsing the site, some information (commonly known as "cookies") may take root on your computer. Cookies are information transmitted to your hard drive by the site to store and sometimes track your data. Cookies are specific to the server that created them and can not be exploited by other servers, which means they will not be able to track your web browsing. Cookies are used to make the most of the Site and to provide a more personalized service. The purpose of cookies is to prevent you from entering your information each time you visit our site and to understand how our website is used to improve and update its content.
If you wish, you can block or delete cookies from your computer (The "help" section of your browser will explain the procedure). Please note this can lead to site malfunction.