FAQ frequently asked questions

How do you choose your vendors, what are the selection criteria ?

Concerning the selection of our partners, and more precisely vendors listed on Epicerie Verte we use different approaches:

  • We have set up a temporally webpage where our potential sellers/vendors may register
  • We also contact directly vendors that have original products or and of high quality, and that can bring added value to Epicerie Verte

Regarding the selection criteria, please consult the vendors selection chart.


What types of products does epicerieverte.ma offer?

Epicerie verte offers different types of products that have one common feature, which is a 100% natural production :

  1. « Classic » Food products: these are local products (honey, olive oil , Argan…) in addition to the everyday food products ( juices, jam….)
  2. « Innovative » Food products: these are revisited local products, « trendy » products (quinoa, chia seeds and plant-based milk) and products suitable for people who adopt a specific diet ( gluten free, lactose free, egg free…)
  3. Natural cosmetic products: products made by Moroccan and foreign actors in the field of cosmetics.


Some of these products are BIO, AB, USDA or Eco-cert … certified. Certifications of each product is indicated on its description.


What  makes us better than the other organic stores ?

Epicerie verte seek to provide an added value to its clients through the following elements :

  1. An access to the « producers price »
  2. A diversity on different levels :
  3. Type of product : as explained above
  4. Nature of producers : we collaborate with established producers as well as cooperatives and stared ups. Products from cooperatives and stared ups are identified in specific  pictograms
  5. Geographical origin : we have producers from Morocco as well as Africa and Europe
  6. Delivery mode : a flexible choice between home delivery or pick-up points delivery (available soon)
  7. A transparent selection process
  8. A transparent display of attributes and certifications of each product listed on our platform ( the client may look for the product he wants according to his own criteria using a search filter. such as : gluten-free, AB certification, low GI….
  9. An eco-responsible delivery solution :electrical tricycles (initially in Casablanca only)


Are all of our products organic?

Our vendors offer 100% natural products (additives-free, preservatives-free….). A lot of our vendors do not use any pesticides in their productions. However not all of our vendors are certified organic (Ecocert, AB, USDA or other...). We will clearly  indicate if a product is certified organic in its description. 

Some of our products are Organic certified , we will shortly provide the links to the different organic certifications (AB, Ecocert, USDA...) we will also set a filter system that will display, upon request, only the products which possess an organic certification( of any nature) .

It is important to note that not all the certifications are equal , an organic certifaction of a country can be more or less binding to that of the neighbor country, even inside the European union.

In our experience, an organic certification is not sufficient. Some  organically stamped/certified products may be of a less quality than other 100% natural products that do not hold an organic certification.

That’s why you will find in our selection, passionate vendors who vary from « classic » farmers who  take pride in their work, Moroccan start ups that are based on innovation and high profils such as pharmacists (Nature&passion, Jerraflore… . ) or biologists (Fragancias del desierto…) who decided to invest their experiences Moroccan high quality, 100% natural products.

We decided to maintain in addition to the organic certified products, the products 100% natural  that are uncertified because , in one and , there is a varied demand ( some people simply wish for high quality 100% natural products).On the other hand  there is an offer of uncertified 100% natural products that are of excellent quality.


It is worth recalling that Moroccan organic certified products are mainly limited to certain kinds of products mainly intended for export and do not cover the local demand. That is why there are organic products  importers within our selection of vendors.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to  contact on contact@epicerieverte.ma.


How does our delivery work ?

We suggest two delivery modes :

  1. Home delivery :
  • In Casablanca, deliveries are assured using electrical tricycles.
  • In the other Moroccan cities, we have different partners
  1. Pickup points delivery :this option will be available from 15 February. We will shortly announce our partnership with a pickup delivery service available throughout Morocco.
  2. Our clients will have the option to pay cash on delivery.